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Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi’s mission is to provide the promise of a better future through education as well as social and economic empowerment for mainly children and women but also communities affected by the conflict in the DRC.



One of the key goals of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to achieve universal primary education. The UN aims to ensure that by 2015 children everywhere, boys and girls alike will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

Unfortunately, millions of children, particularly in post-conflict-ridden communities in Africa, are far from reaching this goal by the set date. International and government investment in the education of children in Africa is grossly insufficient.
Basic education continues to be an impossible dream for millions of children in Africa. There is no promise of social empowerment, economic development, peace or security without education and enlightenment for all, especially for the children who will be the future leaders of the community.

Children of the Earth - Watoto wa Ardhi has responded to this call. Working as a non-profit organization, Watoto wa Ardhi-Children of the Earth was established as a response to the overwhelming number of children and young women who where affected by the conflicts in the DRC. Efforts to make sure the displaced children and women continue to receive an education and other skill related training face huge challenges. North and South Kivu have particularly been more affected relative to other provinces. The ongoing and sometimes sporadic wars and civil arrest have been the most deterrent of social and economic progress in this part of the country. However, we believe that these people who are disadvantaged have the capacity to change their own lives for the better and it is our role to nurture this process.

With this conviction, we work to provide hope for a better future through primary, secondary and technical education support to children, youths and women deprived.

Child of the Earth


Our Mission

Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi’s mission is to provide the promise of a better future through education as well as social and economic empowerment for mainly children and women but also communities affected by the conflict in the DRC.


Child Watoto's Vision

Our Vision

Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi is dedicated to changing for the better the conditions of the people of the DRC who are affected by the conflicts. We wish to come in hand to the children who lack adequate education as they live in poverty ridden communities as well as broken homes.

We envision a better future for the women who have always been dependent on the male figure within the culture by rendering them independent through sustainable project that promote entrepreneurship initiatives.

We envision stronger communities through micro-finance programs that will provide small loans to small businesses as well as individual with the capacity to grow.

We struggle to lead and elevate every Congolese children, the young and women in the DR Congo especially those living in the Eastern quadrant of the country.


Child Watoto's Values

Our Values

We provide our services without any discrimination based on race, gender, and religious and sex orientation.
We operate with commitment, integrity, accountability to our clients and donors, decisiveness and a willingness to succeed, leadership, recognizing and respect for the individual and the community we operate in, and volunteerism.


Our Objectives

Provide children basic education by contribution to the existing primary and secondary schools and to open new schools in other areas.
Provide economic and social empowerment to young women affected by conflict in Congo through vocational and technical training programs.
Seek sponsorship for vocational and technical school graduates in post conflict regions to participate cooperative education programs to gain value practical experience.
Partner with employers, relevant agencies, religious organizations, to provide job placement to new graduates.
Work with schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to offer educational camps to deprived children.



We are presently operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially in Kinshasa and plan to expand to the East in North and South Kivu where millions of women and children are undergoing constant suffering due to rampant civil wars between militia groups and military.


Donations Needed

We invite you to view our projects, meet the children we work with, and to find out about how you can get involved, so that we may continue this important work. Please feel free to call us or click here to email to see how you can be the change.


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